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Miranda Davidson Studios have been casting major Hollywood productions in the UAE for years, including ‘Star Trek Beyond’. Image Credit: Supplied

Miranda Davidson Studios will roll out a casting and talent search website in the UAE next month.

Launching at the Middle East Film and Comic Con (MEFCC) — which takes place April 11-13 at Dubai World Trade Centre — the paid service will enable actors, talent scouts and studios to find each other with more ease.

“It is a dating site — but you’re not going to find the love of your life there, probably. But you may find the acting job of your life,” said founder Miranda Davidson.

“Essentially, what it is, if you’re an actor and you want to be in Hollywood or Bollywood, we will not only help… connect you with local casting directors, directors, producers and talent representatives, we will also give you the tools on how to go to larger markets,” she added.

The platform will help connect users to wider casting networks in bigger markets, such as Spotlight in the UK and LA Casting in Los Angeles.

“We will help give you an education on what is the global standard for a headshot or a show reel, or what’s IMDB,” said Davidson.

At MEFCC, visitors will have the chance to get their first ‘acting tool box’ and have their headshot taken in a photobooth.

“You will get a resume — well, obviously, you probably don’t [have] an acting resume yet, so you’ll get, like, Tom Cruise’s resume, or Daniel Day Lewis’ resume, with your headshot. It’s fun, but it’s also to educate people on your first tool, which is a photo and a template on how your resume should look,” said Davidson.

MEFCC visitors can also sign up for three months free on the database, which will eventually charge “a nominal fee” yet to be announced.

Miranda Davidson Studios will also hold a casting session on April 12 and 13, from 6-10pm, to “find our next face.”

“We’re going to take that talent and we’re going to develop them and we’re going to produce somebody from obscurity, for lack of a better term, and give them a platform to show themselves,” said Davidson.

The platform will be open internationally and not limited solely to the UAE film scene, with hopes of making members of the industry more accessible to one another.

“Talent is not just about model-esque looking people. They don’t have to look like Angelina Jolie or be Hollywood royalty to have a career in film,” said Davidson.

“I want the nerdy guy or the vivacious girl… It does not have to be white-capped teeth or Botox-ed face, or whatever our stereotype of what a star looks like. I want to find the next Danny DeVito,” she said.

Miranda Davidson Studios have been casting major Hollywood productions in the UAE for years, including ‘Star Trek Beyond’ and Netflix’s ‘War Machine’. Their most recent project was ‘6 Underground’, starring Ryan Reynolds, which filmed in Abu Dhabi.