US actress Mindy Kaling Image Credit: AFP

A storm has been cooking on Twitter after a Washington Post humour columnist wrote about his dislike for Indian food, and two prominent celebrities of Indian origin have clapped back.

In his article called ‘You can’t make me eat these foods,’ Gene Weingarten wrote about being unable to stand things such as Old Bay seasoning, Balsamic vinegar and hazelnuts. On the list was Indian food at large, which he claimed was “the only ethnic cuisine in the world insanely based entirely on one spice”.

Padma Lakshmi. Image Credit: AP

Actress and producer Mindy Kaling and celebrity cookbook author Padma Lakshmi did not approve of this sentiment.

“You don’t like a cuisine? Fine. But it’s so weird to feel defiantly proud of not liking a cuisine. You can quietly not like something too,” Kaling tweeted without directly referring to the article or Weingarten.

Lakshmi was less subtle, retweeting Weingarten’s post where he doubled down on his comments and slamming him “on behalf of 1.3 billion people.”

“You *clearly* need an education on spices, flavor, and taste…. I suggest starting with my book “The Encyclopedia of Spices & Herbs,” she added with a link to her cookbook.

Weingarten later tweeted an apology saying “I should have named a single Indian dish, not the whole cuisine, & I do see how that broad-brush was insulting.” The article on Washington Post was also changed to reflect that Indian cuisine uses a number of different spices.