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Gwyneth Paltrow. Image Credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has opened about being struck with COVID-19 “early on” and feeling its effects even now.

In a post on her lifestyle website Goop, she wrote: “I had COVID-19 early on, and it left me with some long-tail fatigue and brain fog. In January, I had some tests done that showed really high levels of inflammation in my body.”

In her essay, she explains her road to recovery based on recommendations from a functional medicine doctor.

“After he saw all my labs, he explained that this was a case where the road to healing was going to be longer than usual,” she wrote.

The mother-of-two has gone on a “keto and plant-based but flexible” diet, has quit sugar and alcohol, and she fasts every day until 11am every day.

If anyone is looking to eat similarly to Paltrow, 48, she even listed some of the things she has been cooking.

“So I’ve been cooking a lot, and some of it is really delicious: I made scallops with crispy capers and sage the other day, asparagus with bacon vinaigrette, and some little artichokes with stuffed herbs and garlic,” she said. “I’ve even found a great sugar-free kimchi.”

In the past, the ‘Contagion’ actress has been mocked and criticised for promoting wellness fads, diets and goods through the Goop website, that some consider pseudoscientific.