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British chef Gordon Ramsay, who welcomed his fifth child earlier this year, shared that he fainted when his wife Tana Ramsay had a caesarean section.

On ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ on ITV, Gordon opened up about what happened at the birth of his son Oscar in April, reports

He said: “Tana didn’t want to see me there for previous births, she said ‘I don’t want you to see me in this state so get out’. This time around, I was there and I absolutely [expletive] my pants. I fainted. I literally dropped on the floor. I was sat there and Oscar popped out through the sunroof and then they sort of throw you on him and he’s screaming and I fell back, the nurse grabbed me.”

Ramsay opted to play Ed Sheeran’s music in the delivery room to create a calm atmosphere but it didn’t have the desired effect.

“Ed Sheeran was playing, I put Ed on to calm everybody. I put Ed on then I blacked out, I fainted like an idiot. Have you ever been in the operating theatre where there is so much commotion, so much going on? And then bang. I’ve never fainted in my life, by the way, that was the first time.”

The chef admitted he struggled with not being in control in the delivery room because it was such a “scary” process.

He said: “It’s scary, it’s full on also they are experts and I’m a control freak so I was like ‘Get me the hell out of here, please.’ “

The couple also share Megan, 21, twins Holly and Jack, 19, and Matilda, 17.