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Want to live like the 1920s in Dubai? A new experience called ‘Gatsby: The Immersive Experience’, inspired by F Scott Firzgerald’s classic, will launch at floating hotel QE2 on April 18 and continue for 10 days. Featuring 83 performers from around the world. the experience will transform the QE2 into 1920s New York and a world of excess and fun. Spread across all three decks of the ship, there will be a performances as guests and actors mingle and stories unfold.

“As a native New Yorker, the Gatsby story has always had a place in my heart. I see a great parallel between the 20s period in New York and today in Dubai,” says executive producer Philip Apaza. “It was a time of opportunity, of ambition, and so many of us come to Dubai for that same feeling and hope. Bringing this to life in Dubai, in a way that let’s everyone dive into the story and explore — it’s timely, and necessary.

“We’re excited to be able to stage Gatsby on the QE2, it’s a dream location, full of character and their period art deco touches will help people really lose themselves in the experience. We’re aiming to make Dubai theatreland come alive with such a captivating story to escape into for a night or two and it’s fantastic to see that people are getting excited about it already.”

Guests can book a number of packages, from a brunch for Dh350 to an overnight stay for Dh1,399 inclusive of breakfast. The Gatsby theme will continue through the experience.

Tickets are available online.