Dubai: French actor and Hollywood legend Christopher Lambert says given the chance his next big role would be a 007 bad guy.

"The villain gets all the toys, all the fun," he told Gulf News. "The other guy has to do all the running and chasing but the bad guy gets the good stuff."

Once considered by Bond lady Barbara Broccoli for a role as 007 himself, speaking at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) Lambert said looking back it never would have worked.

"Bond has to be British. Classy British at that," he said ahead of last night's DIFF gala screening of his latest film Cartegena.

"He is above the common mortal and he has to project that. You can't just pick a guy from the street. That just wouldn't be very Bond."

Famous for his role as Highlander, more than 20 years ago, the 52-year-old says he'll strive to achieve his dream role.

"For everything in life you should never be afraid of trying and never afraid of failing. As long as you try you can fail but not matter what you will eventually succeed. Have your visions and try them."

Not willing to be drawn on the French Prime Minister's controversial statement about the Hijab earlier this year he said he wasn't in a position to comment but said his views are clear in this latest film.

"My own response is an idea and concept of tolerance," he said.

"The character I play against in Cartegena is handicapped to such an extent it's as if she is from another world. This film is about tolerance for all which I think makes my view clear when it comes to issues such as this."

Cartegena screened last night Monday at the Madinat Arena.

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