Mumbai: Actor Vir Das during the media interaction of film 31st October in Mumbai on Oct 19, 2016. (Photo: IANS) Image Credit: IANS

Comedian Vir Das has been signed on by ABC for the series Whiskey Cavalier, produced by Warner Brothers.

It’s an hour-long high octane action dramedy following the tough but tender FBI agent who has a code name Whiskey Cavalier. Das will be seen playing one of the main agents in the FBI named Jai Datta, a statement said.

This marks his second venture into US television after Theory was announced last year for another network.

“I had such a good time shooting the pilot. It’s an exciting time to bring Indian voices to American television,” Das said. “This is a comedy team and a cast that is the right mix of laughs and action. I’m looking forward to saving the world with some hilarious people.

“It was something that the universe sent my way while I was on tour in the US. I ended up meeting the team and we found this character together.”