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Actress Payal Ghosh, who accused director Anurag Kashyap of sexual misconduct and dragged in Richa Chadha’s name while making those claims, apologised unconditionally for her defamatory remarks. The apology comes after Chadha filed a lawsuit against Ghosh at the Bombay High Court and agreed to drop the case if Ghosh was remorseful. The case is now dismissed.

“Richa Chadha is elated with the outcome of the case and is thankful to the Hon’ble Bombay High Court,” a statement read. “The Bombay High Court has accepted the consent terms as an undertaking to the Hon’ble Court in the Suit with Payal Ghosh giving Richa Chadha an unconditional apology and withdrawal of all statements defamatory posts also including videos and also agreeing not to state, make, publish, republish any defamatory, insulting, humiliating statements against Richa Chadda related to the subject matter of the Suit and/or any issue, dispute, complaint, suit, action, controversy, nefarious activity and/or criminal activity between Payal Ghosh and any person/party.”

Actresses defend themselves

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Richa Chadha.

When Ghosh made her claim that she sexually abused by Kashyap, she also said Chadha and actress Huma Qureshi gave sexual favours to the director. Chadha vehemently denied Ghosh’s claims and took the legal route from day one.

Qureshi, who has worked with Kashyap on a number of movies, denied any role in exchanging sexual favours for work with Kashyap.

“Anurag and I last worked together in 2012-13 and he is a dear friend and an extremely talented director. In my personal experience and to my knowledge he has neither misbehaved with me or anyone else. However, anyone who claims to be abused must report it to the authorities, the police and the judiciary,” tweeted Qureshi a few days after the news first broke.

“I chose not to comment till now because I don’t believe in social media fights and media trials. I feel really angry at being dragged into this mess. I feel angry not just for myself but also every woman whose years of hard work and struggle gets reduced to such baseless conjecture and allegations in their workplace. Please let’s refrain from this narrative. It is the joint responsibility of women and men both to carefully protect the sanctity of #MeToo. This is my final response. Please do not approach me to make any more statements on this matter,” she added.

Chadha was also victorious in her case against self-proclaimed film critic Kamaal R Khan, who had tweeted derogatory remarks against the actress. He has now agreed to refrain from talking about Chadha in a vulgar language.

Richa Chadha gets apology
Richa Chadha gets apology Image Credit: Supplied

‘Bravery’ praised

The verdict saw several of Chadha’s colleagues laud her bravery at taking Ghosh to court. Actress Taapsee Pannu and director Anubhav Sinha were the first ones to congratulate Chadha.

“And I love this supergirl Richa Chadha,” tweeted Sinha tagging the actress.

On September 23, Ghosh accused Kashyap of sexual misconduct in a televised interview — a charge that the award-winning director vehemently denied. The ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur’ director had his lawyers file a suit against Ghosh, who in turn filed a police complaint against Kashyap. The alleged incident occurred in 2014, claimed Ghosh.

“My client, Anurag Kashyap, has been deeply pained by the false allegations of sexual misconduct that have recently surfaced against him,” he posted in his social media account. His former wives, including Kalki Koechlin, stood by his side and swore by his morality.

Kashyap also expressed his disappointment that a movement as important as the #MeToo had been “co-opted by vested interests and reduced to a mere tool for character assassination.”