190625 Neeti Mohan
Neeti Mohan Image Credit: IANS

Playback singer Neeti Mohan says she has noticed how woman get fewer lines to sing in duets with men.

“But I think it is slowly changing. This year I did not have such a song,” Mohan said.

“In my song ‘First Class’ from the film ‘Kalank’, I was okay with the shorter part in the duet because it was to praise the man. In the ‘Bharat’ song ‘Aithey Aa’ also I have a substantial part. My problem starts when I see that in a situation when the girl is telling her feeling, say crying or laughing, the song is sung by a male singer. Why?”

She said she understands that a film song is always situational.

“But why even in a situational song, a male voice is preferred over a female? Having said that, I do not always go by the lines or length of the song but the importance of it,” explained the singer.

Mohan started her music career in 2003 when she was one of the winners of the Channel V music competition ‘Popstars’.

She says playback singing was a progression as her initial musical inspiration was all the pop artists of the 1990s, including Lucky Ali, Shubha Mudgal and Alisha Chinai.

Since then, she has managed to maintain her career in independent music as well as in Bollywood playback and concert tours. She is known for songs such as ‘Ishq Wala Love’, ‘Saadi Galli Aaja’, ‘Mohabbat Buri Bimari’ and ‘Nainowalo Ne’ among many others.

She also travels around the work with musicians such as AR Rahman, Shankar Mahadevan and Pritam.

“I have to say that I am lucky that there was no dearth of opportunity I had from my early days. I never planned my career, but I never refused any opportunity thinking I only want Bollywood songs. I sing for the joy of music... when I go back home with the satisfaction that today I recorded a good song or the whole crowd was singing along with me when I performed on stage.

“When people come to me and say how the song touches their heart…that feeling of seeing others happy for the music I do is irreplaceable for anything else in the world,” Mohan said.