Actor Prashantt Guptha. Image Credit: IANS

Prashantt Guptha, who has featured in Bollywood films such as ‘Neerja’ and ‘Issaq’, says owing to nepotism, favouritism, or other ‘isms’, his journey in Mumbai has been gruesomely tough.

He is excited about his upcoming international movie ‘A New Christmas’.

“It is a true breakthrough, not only for me as an actor, but for artists of colour, when a film like ‘A New Christmas’ comes their way. Now that Hollywood is really expanding its ethnic diversity, this new holiday drama comes along, and I have the good fortune of being cast as the protagonist,” said Prashantt.

The film has been produced by Los Angeles-based Mulberry Films and Savi Creations.

It is the story of a first generation Indian American boy who meets an African tourist during Christmas Eve in New York.

“How they celebrate the holiday, what they overcome from within and how a timeless friendship can be formed is the soul of the story. I bagged the role in May 2018 on a trip to Los Angeles,” said the actor.

The film is interesting for him on many grounds.

“Firstly, I moved to Mumbai from New York nearly a decade ago to pursue a career in Hindi films. And to be cast in a New York-set Hollywood film, is truly a full circle,” he said.

“Apart from that, owe it to nepotism, favouritism or other isms, the journey in Mumbai has been gruesomely tough and bagging films, let alone leads, has been a tough struggle.

“So the validation is that after playing supporting or negative characters in Hindi cinema, I can still be cast as the lead in a Hollywood film and surname, lineage or any other hook doesn’t have to play a role,” added Prashantt, who has many films releasing this year in which he plays “very strong characters”.