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Directors Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK (popularly known as Raj & DK), behind the hit ‘The Family Man’ series, who got glowing reviews for the second season of the show, are ecstatic over the latest IMDb poll that reveals their show is the fourth most viewed around the world.

The terrorism drama, which stars Manoj Bajpayee in the central role, comes in fourth place after Kate Winslet’s stirring murder mystery ‘Mare Of Easttown’, followed by Netflix’s ‘Sweet Tooth’, and the Disney plus series ‘Loki’.

“#TheFamilyManSeason2 is the 4th most popular show in the world right now,” tweeted Raj & DK, along with a folded hands emoji.

The second season of ‘The Family Man’ has been widely appreciated, with Bajpayee in top form.

In a recent interview with Gulf News, Raj & DK claimed that they were ecstatic the curse of the second season has been lifted. It’s often believed that the second season of a hit series is rarely as good as its first. But ‘The Family Man Season 2’, with its original cast and actors such as Samantha Akkineni as a rebel leader, has bucked that trend.

“We are crazy relieved that our second season has received such an overwhelming response ... We did our best and the love we are getting for the second season is unbelievable and unprecedented. We are yet to absorb the amazing response that our series has got,” said Raj.

The second season saw Akkieni play a rebel leader who is plotting a terror attack in India.

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“I wouldn’t call Raji the antagonist of this series. I would not say that about her. It’s just that Srikanth Tiwari [Bajpayee] and she have different belief systems and different ideologies. But that does not necessarily make her the bad guy. And if I had to say one word about her, it’s that she’s fiercely loyal to her cause. It’s a role that has definitely pushed and challenged me as an actor. I enjoyed being Raji tremendously … Raj and DK have written Raji in a tremendous way. They write such amazing female characters for their projects. At no point, did I have to ask for more. I am a greedy person as an actor, but I did not have to ask for a strong role. They gave it all to me on a platter,” said Akkineni in another interview.

Before the show premiered on Amazon Prim VideO, the series grabbed headlines and faced calls for ban.

Indian National Award-winning actor Bajpayee, who launched the trailer of ‘The Family Man’s second season on May 19, faced resistance and backlash on Twitter when a section of the media users claimed it depicted the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu in a bad light. They denounced the series as ‘anti-Tamil’, but after the show’s release the controversy died a natural death.o

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Akkineni also courted controversy for darkening her skin colour for the role.

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Read the full interview with Raj and DK in Gulf News soon.