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Indian Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif poses for photographs as she attends the launch of her upcoming Hindi film 'Bharat' in Mumbai on May 17, 2019. / AFP / Sujit Jaiswal Image Credit: AFP

Actress Katrina Kaif, who is gearing up for the release of her forthcoming film ‘Bharat’, hopes that she will start shooting for a film under her production house this year.

Kaif was interacting with the media to promote ‘Bharat’ on Friday in Mumbai.

There were reports that Kaif bought the rights of the French film ‘He Loves Me He Loves Me Not’ a while ago but the project couldn’t take shape earlier. However, it is now being developed.

Kaif is the latest Bollywood actress to get into production. Priyanka Chopra (Purple Pebble Pictures), Anushka Sharma (Clean Slate Films) and Swara Bhasker (Kahaaniwaaley) already have their production houses going.

“That French film is a story which we are working on for quite sometime. It’s not a French film actually but there were a few ideas which had come to me,” Kaif said. “I really liked it and I might put my name to it as a producer. I would like to put my name [to projects] I feel very strongly about. There are a few discussions happening so, hopefully this year we will start shooting for the film.”

Kaif joined social media very recently but in a short span of time garnered millions of followers.

Asked how she feels about it, she said: “I am happy. I think it’s been a nice decision for me. I don’t know why I was stressed about it. I was really against coming on social media. I remember when Twitter first came to India, my manager told me that Twitter wants me to join this platform and that time it was an endorsement kind of a thing. Nowadays everybody is posting on Twitter for free and I was not [very] interested in coming on this platform and now everybody is on Twitter so I feel sometimes I lack foresight and the vision.”

“For me, the deciding factor to join social media was there was a phase where everything I was reading about myself, I was like this is not a correct representation of me and I used to feel very helpless about it,” Kaif said. “Then, I started thinking about why it is happening with me more so than other people then I realised that everyone has a platform on which they used to speak so that made me join social media.”

Salman Khan-led ‘Bharat’ is a period drama written and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar.

The film also stars Tabu, Disha Patani and Jackie Shroff and is scheduled to release in the UAE on June 4.