Sobitha Dhulipala
Sobitha Dhulipala Image Credit: Instagram

Sobhita Dhulipala, who was accused of lying about an image that she supposedly shot on her own on a terrace through a self-timer, has defended herself following the controversy.

When she released the initial picture, along with a series of images posted by a fashion magazine, comments questioning her claims of capturing that image on self-timer emerged.

Dhulipala, who became a household name after the success of web series ‘Made In Heaven’, explained the sequence of events where a ‘gentleman,’ who was on that same terrace, had offered to take her pictures, but the one she posted wasn’t clicked by him.

“Quite a few people had written to me about the image I last posted. It is upsetting and I am a little taken aback by how urgently many have jumped to unkind conclusions,” said Dhulipala.

In a step-by-step explanation she maintained that the picture on the terrace was shot on a self-timer mode, although a gentleman had offered to help and she had obliged. But the image shared by her was taken on self-timer, and not by that gentleman, as many speculated.

However, she admitted, that she should have altered the caption and not run that questionable image along with the series of pictures that she had done with a fashion magazine in an organised photoshoot. Apparently, that had led to all that confusion.


“I wish I had a more exciting, dramatic story, but alas truth often wears plain robes! Stay home and stay safe.”