Arshad Warsi Image Credit: Supplied

Actor Arshad Warsi has joined the Keto brigade. In a recent tweet the ‘Golmaal Again’ star said he has lost 6kg in a month.

He explained: “Was on a very strict diet for one month. Zero Carbs, Intermittent, Cardio & weight training, knock[ed] off 6 kgs in 30 days.”

His post naturally drummed up interest, including that of actress Raveena Tandon, who exclaimed: “HHah howwwww? Tried the same . The damn weighing scale didn’t budge after a kg and half loss!!!!”

Warsi explained that his regime was a strict mix of Keto and intermittent fasting alongside with a special kind of cardio exercise.

The ‘Total Dhamal’ actor, who indulged in a cheat day, calling carbs “the best thing in the world”, says he still has 4 more kilos to go. Go Warsi go.