190718 Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan Image Credit: IANS

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan took some time out of his schedule to interact with his fans on October 8. But first, he kickstarted the fun encounter with a question on hashtags.


And of course Twitter users-cum-fans went ballistic. And while some disappointed in a lack of past replies decided to throw shade at the 'Raees' star, others decided to ask him for good wishes, demand to know his upcoming projects and jest with their favourite Khan.

First came the rumour debunking. When a fan asked if the gossip he/she has heard about Khan working on 'Dhoom 4'; he said he had also heard the same thing - and he requested to be kept in the loop about such news.

Witter user @imsmohsin wondered what the actor – who has worked on a number of stunt-heavy movies such as 'Dilwale' has been injured. “I think jumping over a camels back....it broke mine! That was like the ‘last straw’ (sic),” he wrote back.


“I think jumping over a camels back....it broke mine! That was like the ‘last straw’ (sic),” he wrote back.

Meanwhile, @ParvezSRKFan, whio claims to be his biggest fan threw in a bunch of crying emojies, asking why it is that Khan is not acting in more movies. “Miss you so much,” she tweeted.

His response came with a laugh. He promised her that he is in fact the embodiment of Bollywood.

One fan teased him about his 2011 flop 'Ra-One' movie – traditionally effigies of certain characters, including one called Ravan, from the Indian epic Ramayana, is burnt during the Hindu festival of Dussehra, which is today. The fan, @1sInto2s, joked: “This Dussehra why don’t you burn that CD?” The actor responded with a tongue-in-cheek response: “Don’t rub salt in my wound.”

And when a fan wrote in saying the fan-of-Shah Rukh fever runs in the family, he wrote back :”Train your kids the same please.”

A fan also posted a montage to the star – the total number of pictures in this person’s database – 4,085.

If fans were wondering if Khan liked the new controversial movie on the block, 'Joker', they no longer need to.  he called fellow actor Joaquin's performance 'so well nuanced'.

Finally, after engaging with fans for about an hour, Khan signed off. But fans couldn't be too made at him for leaving the platform. In his last message he said it's his wife Gauri's birthday; he was off to celebrate.