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Aamir Khan Image Credit: IANS

Actor Aamir Khan says he places a lot of importance on a movie’s script when choosing a film.

“Actors and technicians are all a part of the film but it all begins with the writer. The writer is the origin and the most important aspect of the making of a film,” Khan said.

The ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ actor is currently judging Cinestaan India’s Storytellers Script Contest.

“We are looking at somebody with an imagination and a different story or scenario that we come across, where the characters have been well written, the premise and goal is clear and where the whole journey of the story is highly entertaining and engaging. That’s what we look for in a good script,” Khan added.

As a part of the contest, the winners with the best script will be awarded a prize of Rs2.5 million (Dh131,134).