Video Credit: Text by Priya Mathew | Photos and Video by Anas Thacharpadikkal

In keeping with its tradition, Dubai Garden Glow has opened its new season with a brand-new attraction, the Art Park. Vibrant installations covered in recycled material make up the latest addition, which took 200 artistes about two months to build.

A charging bull stands guard at the entrance to the Art Park leading into a bright and beautiful forest. Animals and plants of a variety of contrasting hues and shades dot the place.

The charging bull Image Credit: Supplied

With their intricately patterned feathers spread out, peacocks glitter and sparkle. A hooded cobra peeks out as a waterfall gushes out of a nearby cliff. Next to it, a Panda mum and a baby enjoy a lazy lunch while a little farther away a pair of swans savour a dip in the water.

The glittering and sparkling peacock

About 500,000 glass and plastic bottles were used to create these fantastic installations. Bottles filled with different coloured water accentuate their features and brighten them up. A thousand-odd CDs were also put to good use making a shimmering herd of camels.

Another star attraction of the Art Park is an elephant, complete with a tusk, made of porcelain cups, plates and spoons. As you look around, it’s hard not to marvel at the imagination and artistry of the people who built it.

New look

The rest of the park has also undergone a redesign. Offering a taste of the world inside is the entrance gate, which looks like a massive tree with birds flapping their wings and moving their heads – the only thing missing is their chirping. In fact, nature takes centre stage at the park this year.

As soon as you enter, you are presented with the next big photo opportunity. In place of the Water Set now stands the central piece of the Glow Park comprising dinosaurs, fish and swans. With majestic artworks of these animals offering a brilliant view along with an immaculate reflection on the water, it is one of the many spots for you to score Insta points.

Further up, a refurbished gate with butterflies and birds opens into the Flower Valley.

Now if flowers are around, can birds be far behind? Hundreds of glowing birds perch on trees scattered across the garden.

A vividly decorated masterpiece made of giant leaves and flowers with glittering lights marks the end of the Flower Valley.

This year there’s a lot of movement in the park, be it the opening and closing of flowers, birds flapping their wings, or animals moving their body parts.

After the blast of colours, Happy Forest offers a welcome contrast with a calm environment and soft soothing lights, where you can see a herd of elephants pass through.

A radiant tunnel with hanging fish leads to the children’s section where groups of rabbits, penguins, butterflies, mosquitos and bugs form the main attraction. Cannons shooting fireworks line the sides - another perfect selfie spot.

Further down, pandas, big and small, beckon you to another highlight of the garden, the Glowing Safari. It takes you on a journey to the dark interiors of the forest, where you can spot all sorts of wildlife, from tiger and cheetah to deer, giraffe, crocodile and rhino.

Again the emphasis is on providing an immersive experience. At the same time care is taken to ensure you get a chance to beautifully capture your experience. Animals are placed near the waterhole in such a way that their reflection also becomes a part of your memorable moment.

Text by Priya Mathew | Photos and Video by Anas Thacharpadikkal