In an interview Mo Salah lookalike Image Credit: Screen Grab

Dubai - A Mo Salah look-alike in an interview told the presenter that he sometimes shoot adverts instead of the star footballer.

Ahmad Baha’a, an engineer who lives in Egypt, shot to fame last year when his pictures went viral on social media. Salah met him later and a that shows how the footballer was stunned by the resemblance

The same video shows people saluting Baha’s as if he was Salah.

Last night Salah's look-alike said in an interview on an Egyptian TV station that he shoots some advertisments instead of Salah.

Baha’a video is circulating on social media where he says: ‘I do some of Mo's shots for his advertisements when he is busy with the English Premier League .’

‘The Vodafone and Pepsi ads are among the ads I did,’ said Ahmed Baha'a

“I do the Egypt part, and the rest of the shooting is done in England, which Salah does.”

Mo Salah appeared in an advert for Vodafone Egypt ahead of the African Cup of Nations and in a Pepsi advert with Lionel Messi where Salah was seen shooting a football through a tyre. He aso did a DHL advertisment.

Baha'a subsituted him in the Pepsi advertisment agsinst drugs and the Vodafone only.