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Mike Parr, 73, sitting in a coffin-like steel box as he is entombed under a busy road in Hobart

An artist has emerged from three days entombed in a steel box under a busy Australian road


St Stephen’s Green is as Dublin as it gets. So how come there’s a statue here of Rabindranath Tagore when Ireland has a plethora of literary giants of its own?

RDS_180613 YT Taj Mahal social

They “arrived with hammers and iron rods...”


In a group exhibition, 11 artists find creative ways to express themselves while working within traditional systems

wkr NH_PA 213

Iranian artist Nargess Hashemi’s latest works ‘imagine cities that are designed with architectural convenience but around the needs of the communities they are built for’

Visitors at Exhibition

An exhibition in Birzeit examines the iconic craft through the lenses of gender, labour, symbol, commodity and class