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The UAE secured leading positions on the main pillars of the index, and ranked among the highest performing economies in all pillars. Image Credit: Dubai Media office

Dubai: The UAE ranked as the top Arab country and third among 27 emerging economies in the Future Readiness Index report, issued by Portulans Institute and Google.

The report aims to provide countries with a tool to measure future readiness and serve asguide to their policy decisions.

Results of the Index were announced during a virtual session titled “Innovative Tools to Improve a Digital Future”, held as part of the Concordia Annual Summit 2021.

Key indicators

The index measures four ‘pillars’, namely institutions and infrastructure, technology, talent, and innovation. The main pillars include 15 sub-pillars that monitor governments’ ability to prepare for the future, embrace digital transformation, invest in human capital, attract talent, and invest in research and development, among others.

Compared to the 27 emerging economies on the index, the UAE achieved leading positions in the four main pillars, ranking second in both institutions and infrastructure and talent pillars, third in technology and fourth in innovation.