Dubai: Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been named among the best cities to travel to in a new survey that looks at details as varied as the weather and safety to the number of quality restaurants it hosts and the mentions on social media and online travel portals.

Dubai placed sixth in rankings dominated by London, New York, Paris, Tokyo and Moscow, while Abu Dhabi was in 14th spot behind San Francisco, Madrid and Chicago. The findings by Resonance, a US consultancy, points to the outdoor options Dubai possesses as well as the safety factor. The city was in ninth spot in the 2019 listings.

“Ranked #3 in our Place category, Dubai is where you can ride the elevator to the top of the world’s tallest building for a bird’s-eye view, bet on the ponies at the world’s richest horse race and pose for photos in front of the world’s tallest choreographed fountains,” the report notes.

Quite a leap

For Abu Dhabi, the 14th place represents a significant improvement on the 40th rank a year ago. “Abu Dhabi is positioning itself as a leading global arts and culture hub, with the world’s third largest mosque and museums designed by just about every “starchitect” you can name,” the report adds.

The findings are based on the “sentiments of the most influential consumers and travellers, and coupled to a proprietary benchmarking and assessment methodology. The research findings have been used by “National Geographic”.

“While some of the factors people told us were important, such as the number of Fortune 500 companies in a city, showed a very strong correlation with employment and incomes in a city, factors such as air quality, time to commute to work and housing affordability — all of which the general population and business decision makers told us were important in choosing a city to do business or live in — actually had a negative correlation with employment, GDP and incomes,” says Chris Fair, President & CEO Resonance Consultancy.


1 London, England

2 New York City, US

3 Paris, France

4 Tokyo, Japan

5 Moscow, Russia

6 Dubai, UAE

7 Singapore

8 Barcelona, Spain

9 Los Angeles, US

10 Rome, Italy