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Whales can fly

Exotic and different aircraft fly in the worldwide sky

Image Credit: Airbus
The new design will be able to carry two Airbus A350 wings instead of just the one as with the current Beluga.

Just last month (July 2018), BelugaXL made its inaugural flight.

Nicknamed “whale in the sky,” the whale-shaped aircraft is Airbus’ new cargo plane. It is designed to transport major sections of Airbus planes from its suppliers around Europe to its assembly plants in Toulouse, France and Hamburg, Germany.
Being 63.1 m long and 18.9 m high, it is one of the largest airplanes in the world. BelugaXL officially starts to fly next year after 10 months of period testing. By 2023, Airbus is expected to have 4 more similar planes. They have been manufacturing white-hulled cargo planes since the mid-1990s.
The painting emphasizes the airplane design resembling a Beluga whale with a smile.

Airplanes are impactful platforms to visual communication, and airline companies take advantage of this to deliver their message.

ANA star war flight 
The Japanese company All Nippon Airways (ANA) and the American Walt Disney Company started a five-year project of airplane paintings based on the films of the Star Wars saga. “I am convinced that [Star Wars] fans around the world will love the drawings,” said ANA President Osamu Shinobe in a statement.