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putting your hand in front of the sensor of the touch-free dispenser will give out the sanitising liquid automatically Image Credit: Supplied

Maintaining proper hygiene is vital in preventing any illness, especially in the current Covid-19 pandemic. Hand washing, sanitising and staying away from commonly touched surfaces are, therefore, now an essential part of the new normal. However, even when washing hands, we are bound to be in contact with some of the most frequently touched surfaces whether at home or in public spaces – the faucets and fixtures. It is therefore not surprising that bathrooms are among the places where people have a higher chance of catching the virus.

Casa Milano, the luxury brand with a range of sanitary ware, tiles, faucets and fixtures, offers an easy and practical solution – sensor-based, touch-free faucets.

“With our touch-free faucets and fixture range, we are eliminating the need to touch surfaces in practising good hand hygiene,” says Azhar Sajan, Director of Casa Milano.

“You just put your hand in front of the sensor in the faucet and water flows out. Similarly, putting your hand in front of the sensor of the touch-free dispenser will give out the sanitising liquid automatically without the need of touching the surface.”

Promoting cleanliness

These faucets and fixtures enhance the hygiene factor as they use technology that detects hand movement. And they work on battery or AC power, depending on the model chosen, says Sajan.

Casa Milano’s product range has also been designed to save up 30 per cent on water usage, helping reduce wastage of water and contributing to the conservation of the planet’s resources.

The sensor-based faucets and fixtures can easily be installed in the kitchen, while the dispenser can also be installed in various other locations – in your bedroom, living room, guest room, children’s room, in your elderly parents’ place, outside bathrooms, and even in offices, restaurants, retail stores and any other public area.

“The idea is to get more hygienic and conscious, and not touch anything when you want to clean your hands,” says Sajan.

These practical solutions, according to Sajan, complement current preventive measures during the pandemic, as many people these days practise social distancing, wearing masks, not shaking hands, limiting physical meeting at offices, staying at home and refraining from visiting friends and relatives.

“We need to follow these measures to keep ourselves and our family secure,” says Sajan. “The touch-free faucets and fixtures add to these safety steps, improving protection for you, your family, staff, clients, visitors, shoppers, etc.”

He notes that it has been a challenge to avoid contact with the virus, so using touch-free faucets and fixtures will be a significant step to minimising contamination.

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Three practical solutions will complement preventive measures. Image Credit: Supplied

Aesthetic value

While it has been designed to help prevent the spread of infection, Sajan says Casa Milano is also renowned for its design, making bathroom and homes look beautiful. “These faucets and fixtures are aesthetically appealing and sleek to grab the viewer’s attention,” Sajan says. “While you enhance the safety in your home, office, store, etc., you don’t compromise on the look and appeal of your interiors as these high-quality products feature Italian design and come from Europe.”

Sajan adds that the fittings have been used in a variety of settings, including people building new homes or those refurbishing their house. It has also been deployed in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and even interior fit-out companies and retail stores.

“Currently, the virus situation is affecting everyone’s work and personal life, so spending slightly higher to install sensor-based, technology-enabled faucets and fixtures will surely raise the level of safety for everyone in your home and workplace. This also adds to your goodwill in the eyes of your clients,” says Sajan. “For example, in our showroom, we have immediately replaced regular fixtures with these sensor-type Casa Milano products. The customers coming to our showroom can easily access the hand sanitisers, without the need for me to offer it to them.

“Even if we are wearing gloves and offering sanitisers, clients will feel more secure if there is a provision of touchless dispensers. It gives them a sense of extra safety.”

So apart from helping protect homes, installing sensor-based faucets and fixtures in the workplace and stores can also benefit businesses by increasing customer trust and confidence.

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Azhar Sajan, Director of Casa Milano. Image Credit: Supplied