Ivanka Trump. Image Credit: Karen Dias/Gulf News

Dubai: Ivanka Trump is looking for new real estate ventures in the region this week and says Qatar — following its successful bid for the 2022 World Cup — is one of the most exciting.

The daughter of US real estate mogul Donald Trump and Executive Vice-President of Development and Acquisitions for Trump Organisation, her father's wide-reaching hotel and real estate company, was in Dubai yesterday to launch her signature jewellery range at Harvey Nichols after spending Sunday in Qatar meeting prospective real estate partners, doing what she calls "her day job".


"I was looking at real estate opportunities while I was there. I think my timing was particularly fortuitous because I landed as it was announced that Doha was getting the 2022 World Cup," the 29-year-old told Gulf News.

"I think the growth and development is visionary and outstanding, irrespective of that. And I think once you layer [the World Cup] on, there's going to be so much opportunity."

While in Dubai, Trump was also conducting meetings related to her role in her father's company.

The Trump Organisation had made plans for a hotel tower on The Palm Jumeirah, but those were put on hold in 2008.

"I came here first in 2003 and much of what we see today was not built.

"I remember when our partners Nakheel were showing us the concept of the Palm island prior to the dredging starting, and I was blown away by the magnitude of it," she said during an interview conducted near the finished project.

"It's wonderful looking out the window and seeing it completely finished. We did have a big project planned, but based on the economy of the last few years we thought it would be imprudent to start.


"We're in a lucky position where we're not half-built but rather we have the plans. Everything's finalised, initial buyer interest was incredibly strong and I think that's a testament to the brand's strength in the region.

"We're looking forward to one day commencing, but we'll do it prudently and strategically."