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Entrepreneurship is a journey, a dynamic story that unfolds with every decision and action taken. At Smart Zone, we understand that each business’ narrative is unique, and our mission is to be your guiding hand through the chapters of your entrepreneurial journey.

Building the foundation

Just as a strong ship requires a solid hull, your business needs a sturdy foundation to embark on its journey. The beginning phase is all about constructing this foundation. Smart Zone acts as your expert architect, assisting you in creating a business plan, selecting an appropriate brand name, navigating trade licence applications, handling government paperwork, facilitating residency visas, and streamlining business bank account openings. With Smart Zone’s support, your journey commences on solid ground.

Nurturing growth

As your business blossoms, you enter the nurturing phase. Think of it as cultivating a thriving garden; you must provide the right conditions for growth. Here, we take care of all your operational requirements, offering virtual and physical office spaces, co-working facilities, will and trust management services, and professional phone answering services. We also tend to your business’s financial well-being, providing services in accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, VAT registration and filing, UAE corporate tax consulting, compliance, and comprehensive financial planning through our Smart Zone Tax & Accounting division. With our assistance, your business flourishes like a well-tended garden.

Expanding horizons

If expansion is on your mind, we offer expert advice on intricate business structures, patent and trademark registration, legal structuring and advisory services, and offshore business set-ups. With Smart Zone’s expertise, your business confidently sails into uncharted waters.

We’ve also expanded our business set-up expertise to Saudi Arabia, providing the same level of support to entrepreneurs looking to establish their presence in the Kingdom.

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