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How to annoy everyone on your Xmas shopping list

With VAT and Dubai Shopping festival on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about when to buy those gifts

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It’s December, which means the start of the holiday shopping season, but this year you’re going to need to do some extra thinking about how – and when – to buy those stocking stuffers.

On today’s podcast, we talk about whether you should buy your gifts early, or wait until Dec. 26 for the start of the Dubai Shopping festival. If you’re like Ed, and you’re prepared to face the wrath of your significant other, you might find some good buys, especially with UAE retailers offering deals before the start of the Value-Added Tax on Jan. 1.

Then there is the question of where to buy your gifts, especially if you’re looking to buy online. A strong Euro isn’t make those Swiss Chocolates any more affordably, but on the other hand, the ongoing Brexit fiasco might made your British shopping a little earlier.

And speaking of that VAT, just how prepared are you? Do you know everything that is going to be taxed starting in 2017? Even though some of you are grumbling about that 5 per cent, we go have some good news. VAT doesn’t go into effect until 7 a.m. on New Year’s Day, which means your New Year’s Eve party will still be tax free.