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Dirhams & Dollars reviews iPhone X

On counts of being a beautiful, powerful, exciting phone, this court found the defendant: Guilty as charged

Dubai: The question on many people’s mind ahead of Friday’s release of the iPhone X is, can a phone possibly be worth Dh4,000!?

As soon as Scott got his hands on the 10th anniversary edition iPhone, we knew we had to head in to the studio with deputy editor of GN Tech, Daanesh Kalyaniwalla, to try to answer this question.

Is the black notch on the screen a minor gripe, or will it be a consistent issue? Will people miss the home button? Just how stunning is the new screen? And of course, most important of all, can it take good selfies?

The team investigates live on the podcast, as they try and help listeners decide whether to splash the cash, or save it for a different phone.