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Davos begins as US government shuts down

Upcoming stories for the week ahead on Davos, Airbus and the markets

World Economic Forum
Image Credit: AP
Two people walk behind the logo of the World Economic Forum at the meeting's conference center in Davos, Switzerland on January 21, 2018.
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On Tuesday, the rich and famous will be heading to the small Swiss town of Davos to share ideas on the global economy. But are they ready for Trump? The US presidents will join the elites this years and try to pitch his “American First” strategy.

That might be very hard to sell, especially with the US government shutdown due to Republican’s inability to get a budget passed. The US shutdown could present a problem elsewhere, too. If it continues, the economic impact could begin to hit markets at a time when relatively good results should be helping the markets rise.

Even without the main event, Davos will still be something to watch this year. Both the UAE and India will be there in force this year.

And what’s the deal with Airbus A380. Emirates seems to have saved the jet with a large MoU last week, but what does it mean in the long run. Sarah shares her views on the latest news.