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Arresting markets: What to expect Monday morning

Are the equity markets strong enough to handle Mueller’s impending firestorm?

Gulf News

It’s the question of the weekend: Just who is Robert Mueller arresting come Monday morning?

Will it be Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, or someone whose last name begins with a “T”?

Regardless of whether you’re a #MAGA-er or a #NeverTrump-er, the answer could have major implications for the world’s markets. The DJIA and S&P 500 began their meteoric rise on the promise that Donald Trump would push through a major reform of the US Tax Code, but if his plans are held up by the continuing political scandals - could the markets take a hit?

Maybe. But maybe not. Just look at the stellar results from Amazon and Alphabet last week. Have the company’s results finally caught up with the bull run? Probably not, but there might be enough confidence in the markets that even an arrest in Mueller’s investigation might not matter.

If you’re not convinced, just wait until Thursday. That’s when the world’s most valuable public company, Apple Inc, announces their results.