Abu Dhabi: The Zakat Fund since its establishment in 2003 has received more than Dh220 million in payments and last year the fund received about Dh69 million in Zakat, Abdullah Bin Oqeidah Al Muheiry, general secretary of the Zakat Fund, said here yesterday.

In line with the cooperation between Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre (ADSIC) and the Zakat Fund, the Zakat payment service via the Abu Dhabi e-Government portal was launched yesterday.

"The cooperation with ADSIC is a practical translation of the principles of the federal government to strengthen ties with local institutions. We are keen to provide modern means to submit the Zakat to all Muslims in the world through the Abu Dhabi e-Government Portal, said Al Muheiry.


The two entities signed a memorandum of understanding in the field of spatial data, designed to guide the wellwishers to the nearest Zakat payment or donations points.

"The signing of this agreement comes as part of ADSIC's strategy which aims to harness modern technology to enhance the identity of the UAE by providing a technical means to perform the third pillar of Islam and offer more technological options to various groups and segments of society in order to give donations through the many channels of goodness," said Rashed Lahej Al Mansouri, director general of ADSIC.

He added: "The agreement offers various methods for those who want to contribute to charitable causes, either by browsing the geospatial portal (geoportal.abudhabi.ae) and find through simple steps all the places where there are machines in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region. Afterwards, he can locate the nearest place to his residence and go directly to it or donate at his convenience by browsing the Abu Dhabi e-Government Portal (abudhabi.ae).

"Moreover, the Zakat Fund can distribute paying machines in new places within populated areas in Abu Dhabi.

"At a later stage, a geospatial application will be launched to browse all of those services on the Zakat Fund's website, which will be announced in due course."