Cacaolat was created in 1931 by Catalan entrepreneur Joan Viader Roger Image Credit: Supplied

Not in the mood to eat because of the heat? It is time for a milkshake!

If we had to choose the single most decadent drink, that crown would definitely go to the milkshake. The good news is that you do not have to take the trouble to whip up one to drink. You can pick up the perfect summer cooler, Cacaolat from off the shelves of leading supermarkets in the UAE.

The best part is that you can have the delicious as well as nutritious milkshake as a breakfast drink, a light lunch and even a quick refreshment when on the go. Cacaolat can be consumed hot in winter and cold in summer.

Cacaolat was created in 1931 by Catalan entrepreneur Joan Viader Roger (already the owner of Letona dairy plant). Two years later, it went on the market and became the first industrially manufactured cacao smoothie in the world. Since then, his formula has been kept a top secret.

What is special about Cacaolat? It is the everyday pleasure of the best cocoa milk. This recipe has remained unchanged since 1933 so that people can enjoy the authentic Cacaolat flavour everyday. It uses a premium selection of cocoa beans, has only 80 kcal per 100ml, and is gluten-free.

To make your experience even better, the company has a new offering called Cacaolat Noir, a selected and balanced combination of intense cocoa flavours made by nib (cocoa bean) infusion. The unique aroma comes from the infusion of nibs and purest

cocoas from the best plantations that have been selected to create this unique recipe.

Cacaolat Noir is the first shake to be made from an infusion of nibs, where the aromas are extracted as with tea, and the infusion is then added to the shake. This careful process enhances the aromatic intensity and gives Cacaolat Noir slightly bitter notes, bolstering the personality of the selected cocoas.

Cacaolat has also created another irresistible recipe in conjunction with Oriol Balaguer, a prestigious master pastry chef.

Balaguer has selected the best cocoas to create a unique formula that will seduce the most demanding palates. It has an aroma of wood and husk, creating fresh fruity notes and a reminder of toasted chocolate — refined toasted notes and a sophisticated bitter and intense touch.

You can also relish the Cacaolat Mocca, which contains all the cocoa you love with a touch of coffee to keep enjoying what you like best. With Cacaolat you can keep doing the things you love the most!

Lootah Premium Foods is the distributor for Cacaolat in the UAE.

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