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Portugal has always been a popular destination for investment migration. What are the key points prospective immigrants must be aware of before applying for a Golden Visa in Portugal?

Tiago Camara: Portugal is on top of mind of investors, no matter whether they are looking to derive capital appreciation on their real estate assets or planning to relocate to a country that offers them greater mobility and security. Portugal has a host of properties that investors can easily rent out as short-term vacation homes and earn rental income. It also features real estate options that qualify for the Golden Visa. Portugal offers excellent lifestyle amid picturesque landscapes. Investors can benefit from a secure environment with free education and healthcare. By investing in Portugal’s Golden Visa programme, investors qualify to get a residence permit with a minimum stay of 14 days once in two years and after five years, they become eligible to apply for citizenship.

Portugal has introduced a host of updates in its Golden Visa programme to redirect investments in the interior of the country. Could you share some details on the latest changes in this programme?

David Machado: Government has introduced a new set of adjustments on investment rules this year. Investors can no longer buy residential properties in the coastal areas for Golden Visa, but they can still invest in residential properties in inland territories or islands. However, there are no restrictions on commercial properties. In order to qualify for a residence permit under the Portugal Golden Visa scheme, you need to invest a minimum of ¤280,000 in refurbished properties in low density areas. Visit to find out about properties that qualify for this programme.

What are benefits of Portugal’s Golden Visa?

TC: The Portugal Golden Visa programme qualifies an investor and their direct family members, including spouse, kids, parents and parents-in-law, for residence cards that give them complete access to 26 Schengen European Union countries and also the ability to travel for 90 days to countries that are part of European Union but outside of the Schengen area. The residence card allows investors to enjoy free education and healthcare services and gives them the chance to launch their own company, build their business, or work in Europe. After five years, if the investor fulfils the conditions to apply for Portuguese citizenship, he can avail all the benefits that a Portuguese citizen enjoys.

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Due diligence is a critical component of success in the investment migration sector. How does PTGoldenVisa ensure that all the processes are followed for investments?

DM: PTGoldenVisa has been operating in the investment migration market since the launch of the Golden Visa programme in Portugal. We directly deal with authorities and partners for any investment-related cases in Portugal. It is critical to have a proper due diligence process for investments and we work with people who have the right expertise to reduce the risks involved in the application process.

Property transactions in Portugal is straightforward and secure as it has an efficient and reliable system. This allows us to transfer the title of a property to the name of the investor without any hassles. It is critical for the investor to ensure that their selected property fulfils all the criteria stipulated by the immigration office. We do not advise investors to take on high levels of risk by investing in early stage off plan properties or acquiring shares of projects that have no market value after five years.

Demand for alternative residency and citizenship has soared during the pandemic. What are your forecasts for the sector in 2022 and beyond?

TC: This year Portugal is projected to post strong economic growth of 4.5 per cent. It is one of the safest nations in Europe with stunning landscapes and historical monuments. These factors make Portugal a great destination for travel as well as to live in. Capital appreciation on real estate is over 7 per cent annually.

During the pandemic, many people realized the benefits of working from home. Portugal ticks all the boxes for an ideal destination to live and work remotely, offering a great quality of life with an affordable cost of living. The trend of remote work will further drive growth in Portugal’s residency by investment sector.

As one of the most reputed consultants for Portugal Golden Visa, what are the critical components of your brand ethos and how do you maintain an edge over other players in the market?

DM: PTGoldenVisa can support you on your entire investment journey. We ensure that our clients are not hassled with any investment-related issues in Portugal. With decades of experience in Golden Visa, we are in a position to offer the most secure real estate investment options and top-notch services. We are looking to establish a long-term relationship with our clients and are happy to help them and their families not only to find a good investment opportunity but also to help secure their future. Download the e-book from to understand all the steps to applying for a Golden Visa as well as to find out about our range of services.

PTGoldenVisa: Your one-stop solution for investments in Portugal
Portugal Golden Visa was launched in 2012 as a residency permit by investment programme, valid in the European Schengen countries and with the option to qualify for citizenship. During this time, David Machado and Tiago Camara, with long experience of living in China and other countries worldwide, decided to create PTGoldenVisa — a full-service solution on investing in Portugal that tackles all the difficulties a foreign investor may face after landing in Portugal for the first time.
They took on this opportunity and established a company to help non-EU citizens get access to a safe backup plan and better future. Since then, PTGoldenVisa has been awarded on a yearly basis, thanks to its team’s hard work and dedication to clients.
Both partners are Portuguese with finance background and they have a vast professional experience accumulated over two decades outside of Portugal. They have an outstanding knowledge of real estate and the financial market that they have gained during their entrepreneurship life experience. The company offers a complete range of services including legal and banking support, investment analysis and selection, tax optimisation, annual tax filing and property management. Their strategy is focused on the clients’ perspective, whereby a profitable investment is their core value.
The company, with its headquarters in Lisbon, currently has more than 40 team members with wide professional experience, who are ready to deliver exceptional results.
Due to the high demand from clients based in the UAE, PTGoldenVisa has established a branch in Dubai with a local DED licence where they have made several partnerships to support clients on documentation and investments. Apart from these two offices, PTGoldenVisa has successfully made many partnerships worldwide based on trustworthy ties supported by the company’s professionalism and credibility and with a clear expansion mentality.