David Machado and Tiago Camara, Co-founders and partners at PT Golden Visa, with Sally Mousa, Gulf News moderator Image Credit: Supplied

With more people seeking long-term security, all types of investors, from high-net-worth individuals to the less affluent, are investing in Portugal to ensure a better future for themselves and their families. With the glorious Mediterranean climate, free education, one of the best public health systems globally, and European citizenship within five years, it comes as no surprise that the Portugal Golden Visa programme is classed as one of the best migration programmes in the world.

David Machado, Partner, PTGoldenVisa, which has offices in Portugal and Dubai, explained during Gulf News webinar, “In the past, investing in second citizenship was a luxury for high-net-worth individuals. Today with reduced investment options starting from only Euro 280,000, having a residency permit or citizenship based on investment became a must for any successful middle-class family who can afford it. It offers freedom of movement, education, work opportunities, healthcare and safety.”

New rules have come into force in Portugal recently, which means that investors now have different investment options, with property prices varying from Euro 280,000 to 500,000 and above, depending on the property's location.

Whilst the Portugal Golden Visa programme provides countless benefits, investing in the country can pay dividends.

Tiago Camara, Partner, PTGoldenVisa, said, “Basically one of the main reasons that we attract so many foreign investors is due to the fact that they are obtaining a lot of returns from their investments in our country. In the Portuguese real estate market, for example, in the main cities, the return and capitalization of properties during the last four to five years has been more than eight per cent yearly. If these investors rent their properties, they are collecting four to six per cent annually from their rental income. Capital appreciation on properties and an excellent rental income are the main reasons clients are investing in Portugal and, of course, our country's political stability and safety. Due to the fact that in 2012 we developed a very successful programme of residency permits, also known as Golden Visas, we attract many investors to our country.”

Thanks to low crime rates, a sunny climate and a historical culture, Portugal is a great place to live. 

Machado said, “We have a programme which is very simple and requires people only to stay for 14 days every two years. No relocation is needed, and it allows you to have free movement in the 26 Schengen countries. With a minimum investment of Euro 280,000, which allows you to access citizenship in five years, it is one of the greatest deals you can have.”

To apply for the Golden Visa, Camara explained that the requirements for eligibility are straightforward.

“Any investor who is non-European, with a clean police report and able to afford to invest at least Euros 280,000 in Portugal are eligible for the programme. The process is simple, and we can assist in any client wishing to proceed.”

PTGoldenVisa has an impressive 100 per cent approval rate in the applications they have submitted and can act as a one-stop-shop to take investors from the Golden Visa to the final stage of obtaining citizenship, which can be achieved in just three easy steps.

Camara added, “To apply for citizenship, one has to prove that they had five years of residency in Portugal, which the Golden Visa will give. In addition, a clean police report and passing a very basic Portuguese exam is required. Getting these three requirements together means applicants are entitled to obtain Portuguese citizenship.”