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Anwar, Amin Kazi, Mikaella, Kashish Singh, Thomas Yiasoumi and Notice, at the launch of Hotelware industries Jafza during the Hotel Show Exhibition Dubai 2021 Image Credit: Supplied

The Hotelware Group has announced that it is entering the UAE’s burgeoning Hygiene and FMCG sector by offering customized wet wipes in various applications to the corporates and individuals of the United Arab Emirates. The Hotelware group is headquartered with its manufacturing facilities in Cyprus and Greece. After being popular in most European territories, it now extends its facility to Jabel Ali Free Zone Dubai.

“Ours is a one-of-its-kind Wet Wipes manufacturing offering a wide variety of products all produced under EU & Emirates regulations. We offer hoteliers, airlines, restaurant owners, and individuals to order private-labeled customized wipes with no minimum quantities.

Anyone can order as low as even one box completely customized with complementary bespoke designs on every order, said Amin Kazi, Industry specialist and Managing Director of the Hotelware Industries FZCO Jafza.

Kazi has been heading the most popular manufacturing units in Dubai over the past 2 decades with the related industry. He feels this is a solution which would be a Boon much needed during the pandemic times, every café or a restaurant can extend antiseptic wipes to arriving customers to sanitize their hands while they can access the QR code printed on the packaging to decide the order, instead of physically touching the menu which might be circulating with multiple people. “We are willing to give our clients a new customized design on every order.” he said.

Thomas Yiasoumi, Group managing director, said The Hotelware group has been active in the hospitality industry for the past 30 years. We have been Europe’s leading manufacturer of fully customized wet wipes and a high-end professional detergent producer.

“We are happy to bring in European formulation, biodegradable wet wipes options, and ability to produce customized wipes to the businesses with no minimum quantity.” Our products can meet or exceed the technical performance of leading brands at a very competitive cost, said Yiasoumi.