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A selection of 17 new apps now up for grabs

Shakespeare's The Tempest, LoveThis, Tetris, 7digital, and more

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Shakespeare's The Tempest for iPad

Luminary Digital Media is the latest company looking to give Shakespeare an appy twist, with its new iPad version of The Tempest. It includes expert commentaries, a full-length audio reading synchronised with the text, and ties in a Facebook group to discuss the play. (iPad)


"Recommend anything send it to whoever you like," encourages the App Store listing for this social app, which is subtitled "Recommendations with Friends". There are 10 categories, including restaurants, music, products and tradesmen, with the app tying into Facebook for its social graph. (iPhone)

Tetris for iPad

On the plus side, Tetris for iPad looks beautiful on the new iPad's Retina display, and its one-touch controls work very well on the touchscreen. On the downside, it costs 4.99 and uses in-app purchases for "T-Coins" to spend on power-ups, which seems a little pricey. (iPad)


Digital music store 7digital has launched a Windows Phone app, which enables you to buy and listen to MP3 tracks, while syncing previously-bought songs from the service's cloud storage. (Windows Phone)

Ultimate 2012 Olympic Guide

Dennis Publishing's latest iPad app focuses on the upcoming Olympic Games in London: a 148-page "MagBook" offering interviews, athlete spotlights and a daily schedule to use during the event itself. (iPad)

Punch! Culture Shelf

"Punch! isn't a superficial celebrity news rag, or a biased political news app. It's both," explains this app's store listing. The user interface apes real shelves, with a mixture of viral videos and mini-games based on topical news and people. (iPad)


DK's new digital book Titanic isn't an app, as such it's one of the new breed of iBooks on iOS that comes with video, animation and interactivity. In this case, that's for a book explaining the Titanic disaster to a younger audience, complete with a 3D ship walkthrough and footage of the ill-fated vessel being built and launched. (iPad)

The Daily Show Headlines

Comedy Central has launched a new app for its US The Daily Show series, although it stresses that full episodes aren't included. Instead, it offers clips from the show's headlines with a rolling two-week selection, plus archives. (Android)

Avengers Origins: Assemble!

Another day, another Marvel Avengers book-app on iOS, although this one's been published by parent company Disney. The storyline focuses on characters including Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk, including interactivity and voice narration from Stan Lee himself. (iPhone/iPad)

Dark Legends

The company behind popular mobile MMO Pocket Legends has a new game focused on vampires. It's still massively multiplayer though, getting players online to compete or co-operate as they play vampires in a world where the undead are being hunted by humans. (Android)

Demolition Inc. THD

Owners of Android devices with Tegra processors inside should have a blast with Demolition Inc. It's an action strategy game that involves destroying as much as possible: cars, tower blocks, cows... Yes, cows. The impressive physics look to be complemented by a dash of humour. (Android)


Alarm clock apps are plentiful on the Google Play store, but this one claims to be a bit more powerful: analysing your sleep patterns using its accelerometer to ensure it wakes you up during a "light sleep phase" for minimal grumpiness. (Android)

Funimal Phonics

Animals and phonics alphabet learning together at last! This app helps children learn that M is for monkey and H is for hippo (for example), with a choice of US or UK pronunciation. (iPhone/iPad)

Gap Casting Call

Here's an example of how a brand is using apps in the US. Retailer Gap is looking for a new face for its GapKids and babyGap ranges, and wants parents to snap shots of their children and upload them, before voting on which kids they think deserve to be finalists in the contest. (Android)

Awesome Calendar (+Google Task/Diary)

Frustrated with the way your iOS device syncs with Google Calendar? This app may be more efficient, and throws in extra features too like To-Do lists, weather forecasts and photo-notes. (iPhone/iPad)

Tokyo in Hipix

Photographer Tomoyuki Uchida has taken a series of 24 huge-resolution images of Tokyo, which have been turned into a glossy book-app with built-in sound, animation and links. Users can contribute their own recordings and links too. (iPad)

The Art of Screaming

Between them, Susan and Wolf Carr have worked on vocal coaching with the likes of Mastodon, Alice in Chains, Biohazard and Fleet Foxes, so when it comes to telling RAWK men how to scream (or, er, beardy men how to croon) they have strong credentials. (iPhone)