Chinese exhibition
Jiangsu Overseas Cooperation and Investment Company (JOCIC) office Image Credit: Supplied

Following the successful operation of the first manufacturer in China-UAE Industrial Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Zone, the Chinese Industrial Products Exhibition will be held in Abu Dhabi from March 7-9, 2023. It is organised by the Chinese Jiangsu Overseas Cooperation and Investment Company (JOCIC), which undertakes the process of investing, developing and operating the Demonstration Zone in the Khalifa Economic Zone (KEZAD), in cooperation with Motion International Exhibitions and Events.

The exhibition provides an opportunity to businesses, and people from the UAE and the Arab Gulf region to find out about the major Chinese companies that offer the latest and the best industrial products. The exhibition will be an opportunity to conclude agreements with Chinese companies directly, guaranteeing quality, prices, and costs.

Zou Yonggang, CEO of JOCIC, spoke about the importance of the exhibition in building economic and business partnerships and enhancing the role of the UAE as a distribution center and a starting point for Chinese products to access other countries in the region. "The event will provide major support to our investors, promoting trade growth, and foreign direct investment in the region during the post-pandemic era with China opening its doors to the whole world."

Yonggang added, "The exhibition also provides a great opportunity for suppliers to meet potential companies face-to-face for the first time in the past three years and discover the latest products and trends from Chinese suppliers."

The exhibition covers a wide range of products from across sectors; such as building and architecture services, minerals and advanced manufacturing, petroleum equipment and technical services, electric vehicles and heavy machinery in addition to products for the renewable energy sector, environmental technology, and 3D printing.