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Allowing the exchange of all business documents, Comarch EDI connects companies with their trading and logistics partners worldwide and is fully compliant with the latest local and global standards. Thanks to the implementation of such solutions as traceability and machine learning technology, it also enables advanced supply chain processes automation, so you can be sure they are always optimized.

The paperless logic of logistics

As transport and logistics is an industry where exchanging documents and having instant access to reliable data is necessary on a daily basis, it serves as the best example of improvements made with the use of EDI. In shipments to customers, paperless deliveries are already implemented and work seamlessly. EDI enables B2B deliveries paperless too, while also making this fast, easy, and more reliable. Using EDI in the delivery process allows you to speed up the unloading time on-premises. What’s more, it also facilitates the work of dispatchers and accelerates the delivery process – all by itself. With EDI, you can increase productivity not only in deliveries, but also in transport planning and execution, or even warehousing. Compared to traditional, paper-based methods, using EDI can increase the accuracy of related documentation for about 99 per cent.

As part of EDI-integrated solutions for logistics, Comarch offers a mobile app for proof of delivery (POD), thereby enabling rapid receipt of information about delivery status. It creates value by reducing errors and increasing the efficiency of supply chain operations. These result in improved performance of transport and operation teams, overall productivity boost, cost reduction, and customer experience improvement.

The most beneficial Comarch EDI features that supports e-document management

Tools for tracking and reporting

Being able to act and respond quickly can help secure your procurements and payments. Therefore, tools that allow you to track your data flow and notify you about errors are simply essential. Comarch EDI Tracking is a fully secure online tool you can access from anywhere to track all the documents sent and received by your enterprise with a preview of the current status of processed information. What’s more, the document exchange is presented in real time. Use this solution to gain a competitive advantage and complete business transactions more rapidly with less effort and with no errors. That is not all. You can also set up notifications about incoming orders or documents that haven’t reached their destination or have been rejected by the recipient, so you always know what has to be corrected and sent one more time.

Data accuracy

Facing today’s challenges, you know how important it is to make sure that exchanged documents are always correct. It is crucial to limit the number of mistakes that arise from entering and processing data manually. Comarch EDI incorporates solutions that limit the number of inaccuracies. It does that by defining multilevel validation rules to ensure only correct documents are sent and data exchanged between business partners always match.

Variety of supporting services

Switching to EDI does involve an investment, both from a financial and time perspective, which is the why Comarch team is ready to support you during the entire process, especially in creating connections with trading partners. This means you do not need to spend time analyzing documentation or looking for information on how to proceed with the process before you start increasing the efficiency of your business.

Integration with other systems

Last but not least, there are several ways of introducing EDI to your existing systems. It can be integrated easily with your internal ERP and WMS, or it can be used as a web-EDI solution with no integration needed. Web-EDI does not require any software, so you can start improving your document exchange right now. Download our latest e-book for more details.