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With a focus on feminine hygiene management, Pectiv's line of subscription based services increases access to safer period products, which provide better protection, and a more comfortable experience, during use. An established global name since 2014, the direct-to-consumer company entered the femtech market in the GCC in 2020, with a subscription box for monthly menstrual essentials.

Improving women's reproductive health is the fundamental component of Pectiv's product development cycle. As per the World Health Organisation, usage of sanitary napkins increases the risk of infections by 30%. When coupled with bad hygiene, the possibility of bacterial or candida infections compounds to a staggering 60%. Tackling this concern is Pectiv's innovative 'Anion Layer', which contains nanosilver and negative ions that prevent bacterial and fungal growth 99.9% of the time, and inhibit odour during use. Pectiv also sets itself apart from off-the-shelf alternatives, by delivering a line of products that are free of harmful substances. Chemicals like dioxin, chlorine, and phthalates, are often found in high concentration in mainstream products; and are the leading cause of irritation and sensitivity during menstrual cycles.

Addressing concerns around these harmful compounds, found in most store-bought pads, Elias Abboud, CEO and Founder of Pectiv, said, "Most period care products are made with synthetic compounds, and toxic substances, which are detrimental to women's health. We're proud to offer a safer product that absorbs more, and is designed with women's health and comfort in mind."

Ordinary pads are usually made of cotton, and do not provide adequate absorption, especially during heavier cycles. Pectiv's sanitary napkins are created with SAP, which converts liquid into a gel upon contact, and absorb up to four times more than conventional cotton. The wider fitting side guards add an extra layer of protection, for added peace of mind.

Pectiv’s comprehensive line of personal care products comprises of sanitary pads , and first-of-their-kind ph-balanced feminine wipes, with probiotics. Dr Elias Abboud elaborated further on the brand's superior product line-up, "At Pectiv, our research facility is continually innovating to provide period essentials that give women better protection, enhanced hygiene, and improved reproductive health. Some of UAE's foremost gynaecologists recommend our products, because of how effective they are in addressing the top concerns that women face during their monthly cycles".

In addition to their innovative and superior feminine hygiene products, which are gentle on the skin, and eliminate the use of harmful materials; Pectiv’s cost-effective subscription box service makes their products more convenient and easier to access, compared to off-the-shelf sanitary pads.

Pectiv makes self-care simpler and healthier. To find out more, and to setup a fully customisable subscription with free auto deliveries, visit Pectiv’s website.