Glen Perry
Dubai Music School was founded in 1979 by pop star, internationally acclaimed singer, composer and producer Glenn Perry. Image Credit: Supplied

A firm believer in peace for humanity. Mr. Glenn Perry is not only a music producer, composer, recording artist, singer & songwriter but he is an educator, philanthropist & charity worker.

He extends his Music for peace initiative all over the world by helping people affected by war, natural disasters & pandemic. Just over a year ago he had a massive brain stroke but his love for humanity still made him compose music for world peace.

This Music for Peace vision encouraged Mr. Glenn Perry to start Dubai Music School to impart his knowledge with children, to give back to society & empower a community of musically minded people. Mr. Perry believes in Peace for humanity & what more effective way to enlighten people about peace, love, and joy through music by putting a smile on people’s faces.

Dubai Music School’s philosophy provides the very best teaching and learning environment possible. One which is compassionate and safe; developing the qualities of self-esteem, creative thinking, respect for self and others and positive attitudes toward school and learning. It is the belief of our school that we should foster, in our students pride, self-confidence, values, a love of learning, while they develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially into mature, responsible citizens. We are committed to the philosophy that the child must be placed at the center of learning, actively acquiring skills needed to think clearly, communicate effectively to make sound decisions."

Mr. Glenn Perry believes music is the best platform to unite people & spread positivity. Last year, not only he performed a 26-hour virtual concert to spread awareness about coronavirus and also released a song recently to raise awareness about the virus titled, “Live Like A Man”.

The similar philosophy of Hope, Love & Peace prepares our students to become active, engaged and responsible citizens of the local and global community. The school aspires to provide a contemporary approach to teaching and learning in its purposeful learning environment. The school values achievement, excellence, respect and responsibility, perseverance, integrity, respect for diversity, honesty and equity." Not only children but our students include Doctors, Lawyers, Pilots, Entrepreneurs, Professors, Secretaries, and other professionals.

Our students have performed at Dubai Opera, the Dubai Amphitheatre, Mother of the Nation Festival in Abu Dhabi, at Global Village, Dubai Sports City and at other venues in the UAE. We also conduct International music examinations & support students record their music, organize regular concerts and recitals to inspire and motivate music lovers and aspiring musicians. Not only we offer a platform for showcasing their talent but even promote them through social media.

The oldest Music School is celebrating 42nd year of its opening in Dubai & plans to organize more events, concerts, and competitions. Some of the upcoming events which we have planned are "Sound of Dubai" (which is a talent show), "Songwriting Contest", and "Eruption" (a singing competition)".