REDTAG has a signature Ramadan tableware collection highlighting the spirit of the Holy Month Image Credit: Supplied

We think of Ramadan as being about discipline, self-restraint, and charity. But come Iftar, it’s also about grateful and joyous sharing of blessings and food, in the company of our loved ones. And at Eid, it’s all about celebrations and good times. We all want to make these gatherings delightful and pleasant for our guests, as well as a reaffirmation of our values. With so much emotional and spiritual basis for an Iftar and EID gathering, getting the details just right can be one of the best feelings, as a host.

Bearing in mind the spirit and needs of the Holy Month, REDTAG, the region’s favourite homegrown value homeware brand, has created a signature Ramadan tableware collection, curated especially with an eye on themes and aesthetics inspired by the essence of the holy month.

Tablescaping, the artistic decorating of a table with necessities and accessories, is all about creating an elegant and inviting look. REDTAG’s Ramadan Collection adds a celebratory tone to your iftar meals, with the right table linen, napkins, candles, dinner set, matching platters and glassware. Blend this with home décor products to create the right ambience. And you end up with the perfect look to host your guests for Iftar or Eid.

Here are 5 ways the REDTAG Ramadan homeware collection can help you put the finishing touches on your Iftar and Eid gathering, to make those special moments truly memorable:


At the heart of an Iftar or Eid meal is the warm hospitality that the region is renowned for. After days of pious contemplation, creating the right ambience to host a meal for your loved ones is all about festive joy and heartfelt gratitude. REDTAG’s Ramadan homeware collection conveys both, with ornate lamps, rich gilded vases, and more; all featuring striking, traditional arabesque motifs. Complementing these is a beautiful collection of wall art, with uplifting calligraphy of ayats from the Holy Qur’an created by local artists.

Table Linen

The REDTAG Ramadan collection gives you a choice of chic table runners, delicately embroidered napkins, and mats with just a hint of gold, to set the perfect mood. Whether you choose to go for bare wood underneath, or tie the whole look together with a matching table cover, your guests will be sure to compliment your taste.

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REDTAG has a huge selection of table linen, napkins, candles, dinner set, matching platters and glassware to make your iftar and Eid gatherings truly special Image Credit: Supplied

Crockery and Cutlery

With simple but stylish form, and stunning detailing, REDTAG's glass and chinaware will add to the uplifting and heart-warming mood of an Iftar or Eid gathering. The collection contrasts pristine whites and creams with distinctive gold. Dinner sets in porcelain and stoneware, with traditional Mashrabiya designs etched on cups and saucers, will bring the family and friends closer together over a shared meal.


Every thoughtfully put-together menu deserves serving accessories that complement it. From beaten sliver and moulded steel serveware to wooden trays with intricate inlay work, REDTAG’s Ramadan collection will add a touch of lavish class and sophistication to your Iftar and Eid gathering.

Tie it all together, with the little details

In art, fashion, and home décor, style is best expressed when it complements as well as contrasts. So pick from the little things - golden candelabras, marble salt shakers, and ornate napkin holders - to make your table setting extra special. And don’t forget to incorporate a traditional fanoos, Ramadan lantern, to add a soft glow to your meal with your loved ones.

So what are you waiting for? Get to a REDTAG store near you, and choose your own personal style statement with REDTAG’s tableware and homeware collection.

You will love the experience, and so will your guests!