Dubai: Lufthansa is closely following the political situation in Iran as the country weighs up the potential of a further easing of sanctions, an executive at the German airline said.

“Iran is going to be an interesting development for us,” Carsten Schaeffer, Lufthansa’s Vice President Sales and Services Southeast Europe, Africa, Middle East/Pakistan, said at a media briefing in Dubai on Wednesday.

Schaeffer recently visited Tehran, the Iranian capital.

In recent months Iran has been involved in high-level discussions with representatives of several countries including Russia, the United States and Germany. The discussions have offered a easing of sanctions, which could open the country up to foreign businesses, in return for Iran curbing their nuclear programme.

He said that Iran, with a population of 75 million, represents a significant opportunity for the airline. “Obviously, airlines provide the interchange business and create new traffic streams and so we are looking forward to what is happening in Iran,” he said.