Sell those biscuits... Qantas has found good use for all those onboard amenities it used to hand over to first-class passengers. And those biscuits and almonds packs are selling well. Image Credit: Reuters

Melbourne: Times clearly are hard at Qantas Airways. Now the airline is selling its in-flight biscuits and tea bags to people at home.

With all overseas and most domestic flights halted during the pandemic, the Australian airline has thousands of premium-class pajamas, moisturizers and snacks sitting idle, it said.

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For A$25 ($18) apiece, frustrated travelers can buy as many as 10 packs of typical freebies that include 12 chocolate biscuits, a sleeper suit, and the kind of smoked almonds that only first-class passengers normally munch.

The packs, available for home delivery at Qantas's online store, sold out within hours, a spokesman for the airline said.

Qantas said in June it planned to raise as much as A$1.9 billion from investors and cut at least 6,000 jobs to weather the industry's worst-ever crisis. Selling on-board amenities was more about recovering costs than making money, the spokesman said.