William E. Heinecke Image Credit: ABLF


  • As Chairman and CEO, William E. Heinecke is the driving force behind leading global brands under the Minor International umbrella

You were a teenager when you began building your empire in the Asian business world. What advice would you give young entrepreneurs?

From the start, my mantra has always been find a gap and fill it. It’s important to have a clear vision and a focused goal, as well as a team of talented people.

I feel that the ABLF is a great platform to encourage the leaders of tomorrow and support them on the path to success.

- William E. Heinecke, Chairman & CEO, Minor International

I learnt to try to expect the unexpected and see threats as opportunities, both learning and capitalising on opportunities that emerge, whether they result from an economic downturn, a natural disaster or political instability.

For budding entrepreneurs I would like to instill three ideals: integrity, hard work and passion.

William E. Heinecke and H.E. Warawudh Chuwiruch Image Credit: ABLF

How can Asian countries strengthen cooperation to serve as the most reliable engine for sustained growth in the world?

Asian countries need to increase mobility of skilled labour to promote human capital development and strengthen labour markets. For example, at Minor International we are able to mobilise Thai professionals in hospitality or Thai chefs to support our hotel and restaurant operations abroad when required.

B.N. Kalyani, Mohammed Eissa Al-Refaei, William E. Heinecke and H.E. Kittiratt Na-Ranong Image Credit: ABLF

Nations can also promote innovation and build up greater digital connectivity to enhance productivity of both the public and private sectors.

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