Children and TV
Parents may say we allow them to watch YouTube to get rid of their boredom, but this age is when the child learns everything. And when he grows up could cause serious problems for you just because he was ‘raised’ on YouTube. Image Credit: Unsplash

The group is always better than the individual.

Cooperation in beneficial matters, learning from the experience of others, and reviewing achievements that may be considered modest by their achievers may be one of the radical solutions to a problem. Taking knowledge permanently from the old by the young is a desired outcome.

The one learns from everything and everyone. The fall of the apple was the reason for the emergence of a physical rule taught everywhere.

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In this sense, it is important to create groups on digital platforms that include specialists who support and learn from each other. Membership to the Chief Information Officer Majlis (CIOMajlis), which includes the elite of IT senior officials, is always open to those who meet the conditions.

The benefits from being in such specialized groups can produce everything that is useful for lectures, meetings, consultation, sharing experiences, and creating acquaintances.

Cut down on YouTube for kids

There is no doubt that YouTube is a content-rich platform, with more than 5 billion videos and uploading 300 hours of something new to watch within a minute. One billion and three hundred million people watch this platform, which is one of the most powerful data center systems.

There is an incredible amount of data that cannot be added up by humans - so it is dangerous to leave children alone watching such a massive platform that includes all types of content. And which cannot be controlled even on YouTube Kids. Even in the content classified as being for children, you can latch onto intrusive thoughts, nasty words, and dirty insinuations.

Parents may say we allow them to watch YouTube to get rid of their boredom, but this age is when the child learns everything. And when he grows up could cause serious problems for you just because he was ‘raised’ on YouTube.

It is dangerous and must be rapidly corrected by everyone. The alternatives have started to be available. Apps such as Spacetoon go and Majid channel are useful alternatives through which you can be rest assured of good content. To block or control the time and views of YouTube-watched content on devices, there are many methods, the most effective being the Qustodio app of OurPact.

Bring tech into new agri ways

The passion for agriculture has been embedded in humans, and this craft began to grow until summer fruits became available in winter and vice versa. By using automatic irrigation techniques at home, preferably connected to the smartphone, you will get alerts whenever irrigation occurs.

The system is updated with the weather condition, so irrigation stops automatically in the event of rain. By controlling the device remotely, you can run the irrigation any time you want. There are also smart-home farming devices that come in the form of small containers equipped with special lighting and with the possibility of circulating water, as well as a follow-up app. Or even turn to the aquaponic systems through plastic tubes to get fresh vegetables weekly.

Learn a thing or two about advertising

The imposition of high fees on just an advertisement often reflects greed. Instead of disbursing a huge amount of money up to Dh70,000 for a single ad, you can for a quarter of the amount advertise on social media apps for a month or even months. You can learn and do it yourself by just surfing the internet, and you can specify options. Save your money and advertise smartly.


Everyone needs to watch TV channels from time to time, for a taste of entertainment or hard news. It is true that the mechanism of watching on-demand takes up much time, but watching randomly and following some live programmes has its uses. Watching the National Geographic Abu Dhabi or Majid, and other specialized free-to-air channels, and we can hope to increase their numbers, especially those on culture, science, technology, and for children.

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The idea of using free-to-air channels through IPTV has begun to flourish. And we are definitely against stealing encrypted channels and broadcasting them in this way because this is nothing but theft. In any case, you have to be cautious about the channels you will watch.

Go cashless

The culture of payment using electronic payment services - such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and others - has begun to spread bit by bit. Being one of the cleanest ways of payment and without the need to handle cash.

Most banks now have started to support Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, but unfortunately, despite the proliferation of Android smartphones, numbering more than one billion, Google Pay is the slowest in spreading, especially in our region.

It is preferably if applied for the creation of national alternatives to these simple technologies. We encourage everyone to adopt electronic payment systems, which also store details of amounts paid so that you can easily track expenses.

- Ahmed Al Zarouni is a Dubai-based tech specialist.