Auto review 2019 lincoln mkc
Looking for something a little different from the usual contenders in the premium compact SUV class? Then this luxurious American — now loaded with more driver-focused technology than ever — may just be what you’re after... Image Credit: Antonin Kelian Kallouche

Ever since making its debut in 2014, Lincoln’s smallest SUV has been a success — but some would argue that wasn’t just because it was a decent model in its own right but also due in part to the sheer popularity of the segment it was operating in. Customers may still be blindly buying any old thing in this class but the revised 2019 MKC gives them more of a reason to put a deposit down for this, what with its extra driver assist safety technology and more standard connectivity features. Heck, it might just attract more buyers with that excellent nose job alone.

It isn’t all-new but the front and rear refresh is significant enough for its European and Japanese rivals to sit up and take notice. The horizontal-slat “wing” grille has been traded for one that appears to have been borrowed from the Navigator. It makes a bold statement and helps the MKC look appropriately upscale. In fact, the fascia now resembles the stylish Continental quite a bit — and it certainly does not look like it’s been grafted on. The bulbous rear makes do with similarly styled taillights but there’s a new horizontal chrome strip above the license plate which adds a touch of class and new wheel options are available for 2019 too.

Remember, this is based on the less-expensive Ford Escape, but you wouldn’t have guessed as Lincoln’s done a fine job concealing the MKC’s roots — however, the profile blows its cover. It serves as a reminder that this is a dressed up version of the cheaper cousin but the theatrical light show prevents this from leaving a sour taste; approach the MKC in the dark and it fires up its lower front lights, taillights, and luminous welcome mats that quietly appear on the ground. Who doesn’t love a good gimmick?

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