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Man Utd goalkeeper Sergio Romero crashed his Lamborghini Gallardo but was unharmed after the accident. Image Credit: Reuters

Manchester United’s second-choice goalkeeper Sergio Romero crashed his Lamborghini Gallardo near the Premier League club’s training ground on Monday. The star escaped unharmed - but the Italian supercar looked like a right off.

The accident happened on the A6144 Carrington Spur Road through Ashton and may have been caused due to slippery roads. Temperatures had been hovering just above freezing in Manchester over the weekend.

His Lamborghini ended up crushed underneath a roadside barrier with debris strewn all over the road.

The Argentina international bought the supercar in 2017 and it was a pretty big step up in terms of performance compared to his previous car which was just a humble Fiat 500 Abarth.

The 32-year-old, who joined Man Utd in 2015 and has a contract worth a reported £70,000-a-week with the club until 2021, was back in training on Tuesday. 

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