Czinger teases its 'revolutionary' 21C hypercar ahead of global debut

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Czinger teases its 'revolutionary' 21C hypercar ahead of global debut

California-based brand Czinger has previewed its 21C hypercar ahead of Geneva International Motor Show global debut. In a video released today, the brand shares a glimpse of the 21C’s seating configuration, the sound of its in-house developed hybrid powertrain and teases its design lines. The video also includes aerial shots of the 21C hypercar being driven along the US Pacific Coast Highway and on the Bixby Bridge.

The brand claims that the 21C, with its cutting-edge chassis, bespoke structure and high-performance components, is a “revolutionary” hypercar for the 21st century.

Czinger will make its global debut at the Geneva International Motor Show 2020 on March 3.

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