Auto GN fun drive
Check out our do's and don't before you set off for the 39th edition of the Gulf News Overnighter Fun Drive! Image Credit: GN archive

With hundreds of vehicles in the same patch of desert, inevitably in places they are going to get bunched up, for example where the route becomes narrow.

People get frustrated and if they are advised to hold back and wait for the car ahead to clear the area, someone from behind who is perhaps less patient, can jump the queue and push in. That causes resentment, which represents another source of danger as frustrations boil over. Remember, you are there to enjoy yourself. Try to concentrate without stressing and relax - without being complacent.

Route director John Spiller has some very handy tips for those taking part…

1 Make sure your vehicle is in good shape before you head out and check there’s air in your spare tyre — so often people go to put them on and find the tyre is flat. Also check you can remove the wheel nuts because many times we find they’ve been put on by a dealer or tyre shop with a pneumatic wrench and the driver is unable to undo them.

John has a total of six very useful tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience – to see the full list click here…