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What is #cleansportco?

Athletes, coaches, advocates support launch of clean sport collective

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Some of America’s top distance runners, cyclists, triathletes, endurance coaches and advocates have announced their support of a new anti-doping initiative known as the Clean Sport Collective. The initiative was launched on November 1, with testimonial support from numerous elite athletes, including several Olympic and World Championships medallists.

Among those on board from the start are Jenny Simpson, Emma Coburn, Gwen Jorgensen, Kara Goucher, Alysia Montaño, Molly Huddle, Jeremy Powers, Nick Symmonds, Jesse Thomas, Sage Canaday, Stephanie Bruce, Sheila Reid, Lauren Fleshman and Sara Hall. Many leading endurance brands are also involved, including Brooks, Nuun, Oiselle, Skechers, Run Gum, Altra and Picky Bars.

#cleansportco - Athletes who are against doping or any corrupt business practices and politics in national and international sports federations, have joined the campaign. They are using social media showing their support with a temporary tattoo of the Clean Sport Collective logo.

Fitness and Goldblondeoats: “#cleansportco I hereby pledge to be a clean sport amateur athlete. Join the collective as coach, professional or amateur athlete to support the pursuit of clean sport and athletics through the absence of performance enhancing drugs! I have competed against many athletes in the Strongman sport who chose PEDs such as hormones and dietary supplements over hard work to achieve maximal potential. Also have I coached several athletes who had experience with PEDs. Doping is not just available for professional athletes anymore. According to studies conducted by clinical paediatricians, 12% of high school boys have tried some sort of performance enhancing drugs. Those statistics continue to rise and it’s not just the boys getting their hands dirty! Unfortunately, doping is becoming increasingly popular and more available for everyone! Help us put an end to this and bring back fair competition. Support the athletes who train and compete clean and give hope to our future generations! #nodoping #cleansportco

Kara Goucher: “We pledge that we have and will always train clean, compete clean, and live clean. #cleansportco.”

Albert Shank: “This is great, however.....I’d like to know what these athletes and their organisations’ stances are on therapeutic use exemptions(TUE). To me it seems absolutely meaningless to claim you’re clean or support clean sport if you and your organization support TUEs, which are apparently being rampantly abused and are making a mockery of clean sport.”

C Tolle Run: “I pledge that I have and always will train clean, compete clean and live clean. #cleansportco”

Anna Frost: “Let’s keep it clean! #cleansportco #cleansport @cleansportco”

nuun hydration: “we pledge to create positive change by supporting athletes who are committed to clean sport.

Now we challenge you to take the #cleansportco pledge with us and #competeclean! Can we reach 2000 pledges in 24 hours?”

Sasha Gollish: “I pledge that I have and will always train clean, compete clean and live clean. Together, we are the collective change.” #cleansportco #cleansport #tag4”

Roots Running Project: “‘The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.-Albert Einstein

Train clean, live clean, compete clean. Join us and do your part to ensure an ethical playing field.

#runchat #tracknation #marathon #cleansportco #competeclean”