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Focus: Positive discrimination

Women are vastly underrepresented whether it be a parliament or a regular office. Is the best way to end the gender bias introducing steps of positive discrimination? Join the debate.

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In India, there is a renewed campaign for women’s rights following the case of a gang-rape in New Delhi, which brought the Indian youth onto the streets. Will that give a boost to the Women’s Reservation Bill that has been sitting in the lower house of parliament? Another country that is looking at a similar quota for women in parliaments is Egypt. Is positive discrimination – through such quota systems – the best way to create greater equality between men and women in society?

Join our debate.

These are the statements that will be debated:

  • There should be a quota for women in every private sector company.
  • Positive discrimination for women is discrimination.
  • More women in positions of influence and power will help normalise the idea of women being equal.
  • Women appointed by quota will be seen as undeserving and not worthy of the positions.

What is your stand on each of these statements?

Tell us by joining our live debate on Sunday, January 6.

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